000 WLW – What Is the Wireless LAN Weekly Podcast?

Wireless LAN Weekly
Episode 000 – What Is the Wireless LAN Weekly Podcast?

A weekly audio podcast designed to educate, inform, entertain, and inspire Wireless LAN Professionals.  Those folks dedicated to the craft of designing, installing, configuring, maintaining, securing, troubleshooting and managing Wireless Networks.

This show format includes normally two roughly 20 minute technical or soft skills segments, peppered with small short entertaining bits, Rants, Pet Peeves, Interesting Facts, Elevator Speeches, and the like.

We opted for an audio Podcast format for this show – so more people could subscribe and easily download and list on their portable media players while commuting, working out, or just hanging around.

We encourage you to listen, enjoy, and post a review in iTunes!

If you have any feedback on the show – please drop an e-mail to feedback@WirelessLANProfessionals.com.

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