Past, Present & Future of Hotspots / It’s All About the People | WLPC Wireless LAN Weekly EP 1

Thank you for listening in to the first episode of the Wireless LAN Weekly Podcast. This weekly audio podcast is designed to education, inform, entertain and inspire Wireless LAN Professionals. Those folks dedicated to the craft of designing, installing, maintaining, security, troubleshooting and managing wireless networks.

The first technical segment is from Evert Bopp – the CEO of AirAppz – a wireless hotspot provider in Ireland.  Coming to us from Coolbawn, North Tipperary, Ireland, Evert’s topic is ‘The Past, Present and Future of Wireless Hotspots”.

You can follow Evert on Twitter at @EvertB – or visit his website at He also has an entertaining blog at

Evert is also leading up a group to help the people of Haiti through wireless networking technologies. Follow along at .

Our second topic this week comes from Devin Akin – AKA ‘The Devinator’ – we are used to hearing from Devin from his years of being CTO of the CWNP program. He normally talking on highly technical subjects – but in this soft skills segment Devin speaks with us on the topic “It’s all about the people”.

Devin is now working at Aerohive – and has a blog there called The Hive Mind and can be found at

Thanks to our two main speakers , as well as the ‘bit parts’ to help liven up the Podcast.

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