802.11 Client Arbitration / Mgmt, Ctrl, Data Planes | WLPC Wireless LAN Weekly EP 2

Welcome to the second episode of Wireless LAN Weekly.

This week’s first segment comes to us from Marcus Burton, Director of Product Development with the CWNP Program. Marcus has stepped up and is filling the technical side of CWNP.

His topic comes from his great white paper on the same subject. “802.11 Client Arbitration” – this is a topic we all need to be reminded of. It encompasses many of the aspects on the how/why/when issues concerning the client side of our wireless network.  Listen well to his presentation, but also download his white paper. Then check out all the other documents from Marcus on the http://www.cwnp.com website.

Thanks to Marcus for sharing his expertise from his home office in Grand Rapids, Michigan. You can reach Marcus with specific questions at [email protected].

This week’s second topic is another technical one. This segment comes from Adam Conway, Vice President of Product Managment at Aerohive. He’ll be discussing the merits and issues concerning Management, Control and Data planes with respect to both historically wired systems (routers & switches) but also to how these thee aspects can work with Wireless Access Points.

He starts with some of the issues we had in the past – describing the interaction between networking devices. Then on to a little history of how Access Points evolved over the last decade or so. And finally on to how we can use protocols to help manage and control our data flows over wireless media.

Thanks also to Adam for taking time to speak with us from his office in Santa Clara, California – and also check out the Aerohive website at http://www.Aerohive.com.

We’d love to hear your reactions to the Wireless LAN Weekly Podcast. Any ideas, suggestions, or comments are all gladly accepted.

Until next week – continue your personal efforts to better our craft of managing Wireless Networks.

If you have any feedback on the show – please drop an e-mail to [email protected].

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