Intro to WiMAX / Communication Skills | WLPC Wireless LAN Weekly EP 3

Jumping right into it – this is the third episode of the Wireless LAN Weekly Podcast.

This week we have again two featured segments. The first is an Introduction to WiMAX by Rick Murphy, You can find Rick in Boulder, Colorado working at Wireless Training Solutions.

The second segment on soft skills is from a Elaine Rogers, a business and communications coach with Seefin Coaching out of Ireland sharing with us some tips on Communications Skills.

Thanks to both Rick and Elaine for their work on this week’s episode.

Below are some of the supporting documents and graphics from the WiMAX presentation. If you’d like further information on the subject, you can contact Rick Murphy directly at

“Just the facts, ma’am”
What Is WiMAX?
IEEE 802.16e
Why is WiMAX important to a Wi-Fi Engineer?
How is WiMAX different from Wi-Fi?
Where can I get more information on WiMAX?

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