11ax MU MIMO | Srikanth Subramanian | WLPC Phoenix 2018

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Dr. Srikanth Subramanian explains how 11ax MU-MIMO is different that Wave 2 from his presentation at #WLPC Phoenix 2019

Dr. Srikanth is the Chief Knowledge Officer of NanoCell Technologies and a wireless technology expert specialized in the area of air interface. He brings incredible knowledge in access technologies, antenna for multiple access in cellular communication and Wireless broadband communication. He continues to contribute to his research area of Physical and Medium Access Control Layer Techniques for Wireless Communication Systems and he is specialized in OFDMA, MIMO, LTE, WiFi and WiMax technologies. He holds many patents and contributes regularly to publications in wireless space. He has consulted many product development organizations in developing algorithms. He holds Ph. D. in Electrical Engineering from University of Victoria, Canada