A Great Wi-Fi Design Is Only As Great As The User Experience

Most of you have done a great job with your RF design – setting things up properly for a great Wi-Fi network – but at the end of the day, a great Wi-Fi network is one where the users are happy. Cape Networks is hoping to help you keep the users happy.

David Wilson Cofounder and CEO of Cape Networks created a “beta version” of their software to be used on and with an Odroid just for our #WLPC attendees at our recent Phoenix conference 2017.

They basically provided a MicroSD Card that can turn an odroid into a Wi-Fi Sensor. Their “regular product” is a piece of hardware plus a cloud based dashboard – for the #WLPC they just ported the software to work on the odroid.

The video below is David’s Ten Talk presentation which shows how to install and configure the Odroid to work with their software.

The cape dashboard is designed specifically around determining how the users are experiencing Wi-Fi “right now”. This can be especially helpful for IT managers, who might not be true wireless LAN professionals, but are constantly getting complaints like,  “the Wi-Fi sucks” and “I think the Wi-Fi is broken!”. Cape is trying to make troubleshooting and identifying trouble spots as easy as possible.

This tool could also be applied for those managing large networks, or remote branches or multiple customer locations. It’s an easy to use and read tool that can potentially reduce troubleshooting and site visits, fix issues before customers complain, and prove to customers and supervisors that things are working well –  which isn’t always easy to do.