Be Careful Buying Velcro Cable Ties

We all have found different ways to organize our massive amounts of cables used in Wireless LANs – some use tape, string, plastic cable ties, wire, etc. But most of us use the tried and true Velcro cable ties. This come in various styles, widths, and lengths. I’ve found the 1/2″ x 8″ variety work for most situations. Every know and then, on a very long cable I’ll put two back to back… or might even buy one actually made for the job.

Velcro Cable Ties Closeup

One type kind has a slot on one end, and you can feed the tail through so the cable tie stay always on the cable you want to organize. Some put the sticky side out, like in this picture, but I prefer to have the sticky side in so these don’t stick to the insides of backpacks or other cases.

You might want to take a minute before you purchase your next set of cable ties. There is a huge discrepancy in pricing for the same type cable tie. I’ve given examples below. Also note not only the brand differences, but also the differences when buying in quantity. If you have the time, the cheapest come from Amazon and are even available with free shipping if you have Amazon Prime.

When you have to have some NOW… the 50-pack is available at your local Home Depot and it is still a very good price indeed.

Cables to Go $.79

Cables To Go – $.79 each in a 25 pack

One-Wrap $.58

One-Wrap – $.58 each in a 5 pack

Belkin $.56

Belkin – $.56 each in a 5 pack

Velcro 25 $.44

Velcro – $.44 each in a 25 pack

Velcro 50 $.11

Velcro – $.11 each in a 50 pack

Velcro 100 $.07

Velcro – $.07 each in a 100 pack

Happy Cabling!