Building A Home Lab From The Ground Up

John Deegan

If you ever wanted a home lab, but did not know quite where to start, there is a way to build a lab network separate from your home network that doesn’t break the bank. This deep dive is geared to provide you with everything you need to get started.

A home lab is something that all IT professionals should have, but not everyone does. Perhaps you want one, but lack the knowledge and guidance (or even some hardware). Building a home lab can be an overwhelming and daunting task… but it does not have to be. If you approach it without some guidance, it is easy to spend too much and not have what you need.

Many professionals end up running a single network at home, supporting their day-to-day and lab efforts simultaneously. While you can do this, there are many reasons having a dedicated lab network is a wise choice. A good lab network is designed and intended to be broken and unstable, which are things you do not usually want to do in a home or production network.

By the end of this two day deep dive, attendees will leave equipped with the knowledge and resources to build your own independent home lab.

At the end of the deep dive an attendee will have accomplished the following objectives:

  • Set up a MikroTik Router to support mulitple VLANs
  • Configure the MikroTik firewall to control traffic
  • Utilize the DHCP server on the MikroTik
  • Utilize the packet sniffing mode on the MikroTik to capture traffic

What the student receives as part of the deep dive: (Exact parts TBD)

  • MikroTik hEX router
  • network testing tool with holster
  • Everything to connect it together