Call For Presentations #WLPC 2022 Phoenix

“Call for Presentations” is now closed…

it’s happening, folks…

As you may be aware, we ARE hosting the Wireless LAN Professionals Conference to be held in Phoenix, Arizona, USA, February 22 – 24, 2022

We’d like to formally request a “Call for Presentations” for this upcoming event as well as find out a few more things you hope to see at the conference.

If you are thinking of joining us (or know someone who might) and would like to submit a topic for this event please do so at the link below: (Note if you submitted a topic previously, you will need to resubmit your presentation idea.

We will be taking submissions for the following:
We will subsequently turn your submissions into a survey and ask the WLAN professional community to vote on the various topics. The top winners from the survey results will then be asked to present at the conference.

  • TEN Talks
  • 30 Min Sessions
  • 60 Min Sessions
  • 6 Hour Deep Dive Sessions (held in two days breakouts)
  • 3 Day Boot Camps (held the 3 days prior to Main Conference)

Please feel free to submit more than one idea.

We are also taking suggestions for other types of events you’d like to see happen during the conference.
Past examples are:

  • Whisky & Wireless Podcast
  • Pub Quiz & Pizza (Wireless LAN Association)
  • Yoga Sessions
  • Running Group Meetup
  • Prayer Meetings
  • Birds of a Feather Meetup
  • Retro Gaming
  • Master Lego Building

If you would like to submit an idea for either a topic and/or one of the extra items, complete the form here: HERE

23 JUL 2021 Call for Presentations Open
15 SEP 2021 Call for Presentations Closed
1 OCT 2021 Presentation Survey Open (when the community to votes)
15 OCT 2021 Presentation Survey Closed
15 NOV 2021 Website Live – with all the survey results & details
15 DEC 2021 Registration Open
19-21 FEB 2022 Bootcamp
22-24 FEB 2022 Conference

Due to a change in Cisco policies, we will not be able to accept Cisco Learning Credits – so please be aware when making your plans.

We are trying our best to keep prices as close to last year as possible. We cannot guarantee the final cost at this point, but for planning purposes, here are last year’s prices. We will have final costs available soon. But they should be very close to these.
Main Conference Only= $2,600
Boot Camp + Main Conference= $5,600