Carrying Case for Lots of USB Devices

I carry with me a bunch of little devices that do different, necessary at specific times, things. I’ve tried lots of different contraptions and cases trying to get ‘just right’. Lately I’ve been using some cosmetic bags (don’t laugh – since they are see-through, they get through TSA security at the airport easier)

But it wasn’t ‘just right’ – So I decided to design up my own solution. I made a pattern out of paper, dummied up a cardboard version, then asked a nice neighbor lady who has sewing skills to make me one. I even went to the fabric store and crafts stores to get the components. (that was almost more embarrassing than buying the cosmetic bags)

Here is the result.It allows me to carry lots of USB devices all at the same time. Folds right up, and velcros shut so everything stays copacetic in my shipping cases during transport. In class, or on a client’s site, I just whip this out and all my tools are ready and waiting to go!

I’ve already got the seamstress working on a couple more. Then on to getting ones designed to hold all the PCMCIA cards I carry as well.

Here’s a list of what is in the current USB Case:
– CACE Technologies –
AirPcap Nx 802.11n Packet Capture
– PowerDsine –
Power over Ethernet test tool
– CACE Technologies –
AirPcap Tx – 2.4GHz Packet Capture
– three of these so I can scan Channels 1, 6, 11 simultaneously

– MetaGeek –
WiSpy 2.4i – Spectrum Analyzer w/3D
– MetaGeek –
WiSpy 2.4x – Spectrum Analyzer with External Antenna
– MetaGeek –
WiSpy dBx – 2.4GHz and 5GHz Spectrum Analyzer
– NutsAboutNets –
AirHorn 2.4GHz Jammer w/External Antenna
– NutsAboutNets –
AirHorn 2.4GHz and 5GHz Jammer
– NutsAboutNets –
AirHorn 2.4GHz Jammer – small form factor
– Smartronix –
LinkCheck – tests 10/100 Ethernet
– Nintendo –
WiFi USB Connector – Insidious automatic Rogue AP
– Xyzel –
AG-225H – 802.11 abg WiFi Finder, NIC and Soft AP
– NetGear –
WNDA3100 802.11n Dual-Band USB Adapter
– Ubiquiti –
SR71USB 802.11n Dual-Band USB Adapter

Plus a couple of PCMCIA cards I always have with me:

– Ubiquiti – SRC 300mw abg Card

– Senao – 802.11b (with Prism Chipset)

– AirMagnet – C1060 abgn Card

– AirMagnet – Cognio Spectrum Analysis Card