Do NOT use Marketing Ratios

Don’t follow marketing ratios

This is one that I really. I just going to say it right out. Don’t do it. Don’t follow marketing ratios, they’re not engineering, they’re purely marketing.

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This is one that I really.

I just going to say it right out.

Don't do it.

Don't follow marketing ratios, they're not engineering,

they're purely marketing

One AP per 25% square foot,

well, maybe on average in that building at that time

No, that's not engineering

That's not design

That's just throwing stuff on a map

I even know some vendors who just tell you,

oh, yeah, high densities, every two thousand square feet,

low densities every 250 square meters

They just have these throw these numbers out

It's the people who are trying to sell you things that tell you that,

don't do it

Use the tools, use math like real math, freespace lost math,

et cetera, to figure out how to do it

Now, here's an example

So this example a lot of times,

but hopefully it'll help you understand

If you were going to design a little doghouse,

you go down to your DIY store and buy some wood lumber,

you might sketch it out on a napkin

and you hammer it together

It's really actually easy

You don't have to have a super design

And I doubt you would do a snow load analysis on that little roof

or how much wind it can take on the side or whether or not if

a dog bumps into it, it's going to collapse

The size of the screws you need to put it together

It's build it

Wi-Fi is a lot like that when Wi-Fi is small scale,

you put in AP in your house, done

You got a bigger house you put two

It's very simple at the small scale,

but as Wi-Fi scales larger and larger,

it gets more and more complex

Like this bigger barn instead of dogs, that where if we had horses,

there are a lot bigger and so now we need to build the barn

bigger, it's still made out of wood, but now we have to deal with

wind, snow, rain

How much weight can it hold?

What kind of gap is enough?

I exceed a certain size

I have to go from a trust to a glue lamb to a steel frame

Yeah, that's all engineering

Wi-Fi is like that

The larger you get, the more complex it is

And so don't use a ratio one AP per classroom

I know you can make one AP per classroom work,

you can make one AP or two thousand square feet work,

you can make Wi-Fi do anything you want

That's not the hard part

The hard part is making it efficient,

and that means using engineering to

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