Following Twitter Conversations on Facebook or LinkedIn



An Apology: If you follow my posts on Facebook and/or Twitter. You might only see my side of a conversation. That can be difficult to read.


If you want to see both sides of the conversation, follow me in Twitter (@keithrparsons) and also follow whomever I’m talking with.

If my post starts with an @name – this means I’m responding to that person. So there was a part of the discussion that went on before.

If my post starts with a ‘RT @name‘ – this means I’m re-quoting something someone else said.
After the quote I might add my own comment.

Sometimes I’ll embed a picture in my post. This will look like the following URL (BYU Spring Lax Schedule)

Sometimes I’ll embed a link to another web site using a ‘URL Shortener’ service. It looks like this

Remember, you might be reading these posts in reverse order, so start at the bottom of the conversation.

And finally – sometimes I might add a hashtag. So others can follow the topic easier online. These will start with a # followed by a tag.

Sometimes I’ll make comments about Technology, sometimes about my Professional Interests, or other times just what I’m doing.

Sometimes I use this forum for ‘mini blogs’. Short 140 character comments. If there is more to say I might post a larger blog entry.

If there is a blog entry – I’ll post it with a URL so you can link to the larger blog post. At either my personal or professional blogs.

Further questions? You can reply in Facebook, Twitter, or drop me an e-mail to keith at inpnet dot org.