Free Wi-Fi HotSpots

OK, I like Free WiFi.

NOT the kind that makes you pay per minute.

NOT the kind where you watch lots of adverts.

NOT the kind where all web pages go through something that puts an advert on every page.

NOT the kind where you have to put in some special code.

NOT the kind where they block ports so you can’t get your e-mail, VPN, etc.

NOT the kind where they throttle the connection to a crawl.

NOT the kind where you can only be in lobby to get net access.

Just REAL Free WiFi!

Oh, I don’t mind hitting a web page and clicking ‘yes’ to their silly legal pages.

What I really like is the kind where you just get fast, easy access to the things you normally do with your laptop/iPhone. That’s the kind that will keep me coming back again and again to your establishment.

I think it should be more like a water fountain, or a public bathroom. A service that is provided by businesses
freely for their patrons. Not just in hospitality – but in all businesses that work with the public.

Most of the hotel chains have figured this one out. (not the high-end ones – they still charge, but then again they charge a lot for everything)

Now let’s get the rest of the business world to come on-board!I’ve been in business a long time, have a MBA, and have run many companies. So I *do* understand there are costs involved in Free WiFi that have to be paid from somewhere.

Installation costs, maintenance costs, and of course the monthly Internet connection costs. But when you compare the actual cost per user, it will be WAY BELOW what a business would pay for getting a new client/or keeping a client. (compare to marketing and advertising costs)

So the next time you are somewhere with real Free WiFi – thank the management folks and tell them it made a difference in your choice to be there.

And for all those sites who still – “Don’t Get It” – and do any of the things on the NOT list above. Remind them there is a better way to offer WiFi to their customers.

What about your own company?
Do you have REAL Free WiFi for your customers?