How Wi-Fi Works Guestpost From The Bookmark

We at The Bookmark have put together an interactive infographic to explain how Wi-Fi works. We’re blown away by how much a Wi-Fi router does and how it accomplishes its task. You can share this resource to spread understanding and a sense of awe for this everyday technology.

Lively, colorful animations demonstrate the radio transmission pattern emanating from a router’s antenna. You can see how waves interact with obstacles and interference. Illustrations follow the flow of data as it’s divided into packets and sorted into frequency bands, channels, and sub-channels. Watch how data is efficiently transmitted to multiple devices simultaneously. Look at visual demonstrations of phase-shift keying and WPA2-PSK/256 bit AES encryption, important technologies that underlie Wi-Fi.

Seeing is understanding, and these informative infographics will help readers appreciate the advanced technology in their little black box.

Check out How Wi-Fi Works on The Bookmark.

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