Infographic | How To Be Safe On Public Wi-Fi

The team over at put together a great infographic showing some simple steps on how you can make sure you’re not compromising your security when using public Wi-Fi.

Here are their 10 steps:

  1. Be mindful and proactive
  2. Turn of “Sharing”
  3. Use a VPN or a TOR (if possible)
  4. Use SSL encrypted websites
  5. Enable Firewall
  6. Use Mobile data (if possible)
  7. DON’T install “connection clients”
  8. Use paid network (if possible)
  9. Read FREE Wi-Fi TOC
  10. Disable Wi-Fi when not in use

What about you?

What security measures do you take? Does this list go far enough? Do you have other recommendations.

Maybe you are already proactive about your security. This infographic might be a good tool for you to share with some of your clients.

The Best VPN was gracious enough to share this resource with our community. Please be sure to read their entire article and download the infographic HERE