ITDRC WA Wildfire Deployment Update

Operations are still going strong as we approach the end of week 3.

We continue to support the Incident Communications teams with workspace and technical resources, and humanitarian WiFi networks for the Firefighters. Our resources were reassigned from the Okanogan Fire Camp to the North Star Fire Camp this week, and we’re working diligently to get back to a (new) steady state.

The average assignment for a Firefighter is 14 days, with many extending to 30 days. The HR team tells us that the networks have been a huge morale booster in each camp; and we broke out the projector for a special movie night with our outgoing Comms team this week. On the technical side, we served up 160 GB of VSAT data to 450 clients on the Okanogan network last week; and 15GB to 113 clients on the Chelan network.

A new COMMs Team from California Integrated IMT 1 joined us today, and will be working alongside of us in MTU2 for the next 2 weeks. We’re also rotating in new personnel next week, and have some VIPs scheduled to visit as well. We have one slot open for the week of September 21 if anyone wants to come out. Please send a message to if you’re interested.

Many thanks to all who have assisted with the deployment, both on-site and remotely. Your professionalism, expertise, and spirit of cooperation is what sets us apart from all others, and I’m proud to have each of you on the team!