Journey to Virtual Wireless Assistant | Bob Friday | WLPC Phoenix 2018

Bob Friday

CTO and CoFounder

Logo of Mist SystemsMist SystemsTwitter: @WirelessBob

For centuries, new technologies have ushered in entirely new eras of progressive change in all facets of life, and have revolutionized countless industries. Many pundits predict that Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) is the next big “game changing” technology, poised to impact virtually every facet of our lives in the coming years. In the world of wireless networking, A.I. is already showing enormous value. Machine learning and neural networks can simplify operations, expedite troubleshooting, and provide unprecedented visibility into the user experience. But we are just on the cusp of its true potential, with the promise of a true virtual wireless assistant right around the corner that can proactively identify and fix problems and predict future events quickly and reliably.

In this talk, Bob Friday, CTO and co-founder at Mist will discuss how to take advantage of A.I. in wireless networking today. Topics covered include:

-Key AI principles

-What it takes to build an AI-driven WLAN

– Operational benefits of a virtual wireless assistant

– The future potential of AI, and how we will get there