Need for Redundancy – a Spare iPhone

Like many other types of technology, I’ve found and iPhone to be an invaluable piece of kit. It is with me all the time, provides services that have become second nature to my life, and has basically made itself an integral part of my life.

This was brought home this past weekend. My daughter had a little ‘difficulty’ with her phone, and was without it’s capabilities for awhile. It was driving her ‘crazy’ – being without her phone was actually quite devastating to her young life. Not being able to contact her friends, respond to SMS, no longer have her music, etc.

Through a series of horse-trading, Genius Bar generosity, and a little cash we were able to not only get back her phone in working condition (not actually her phone… but one pre-loaded with all her contacts, music, SIM-card, etc.) as well as a ‘spare’.

Earlier in a previous blog entry I waxed a bit poetic about my relationship with the iPhone, how it is there to wake me up in the morning, keep me informed and communicated with during the day, and entertains me whenever I have a ‘down’ moment, lets me read a book during dinner, and reads a story to me when I’m on my daily walks… it has become part of my life. Another previous post about my upgrade to a 3GS also talks about how I use this technology in my personal and business life.

So now I’m feeling just a bit ‘safer’ – that ‘Peace of Mind’ that comes when you know you have a disaster recovery plan already in place. That good feeling that comes along with knowing you have redundancy built-in to your network. Knowing if one of your controllers goes down, the ‘spare’ that you took so much time installing and configuring will allow your wireless users to continually merrily on their way.

I know have that feeling! – I have a new–still in the plastic wrap– ‘spare’ iPhone in my backpack. If there is an accident and my current iPhone goes down, I can quickly swap the SIM card and be on my way. Now that is a great feeling. Now I know how my clients feel when we finish designing a fully redundant system. Aaahhh. Peace of Mind.