A Special Announcement from Aruba and Celona

An Aruba and Celona partnership opens up some significant opportunities for Enterprise Networks Keith talks at length with Mehmet Yavuz of Celona and Chuck Lukaszewski of Aruba to talk about a new partnership between Celona and Aruba and some of the benefits this will...

What Problem is UWB Trying to Solve with Stephen Cooper

What specific situations would UWB be helpful in? We continue with our breakdown of UWB with Stephen Cooper looking at what problems exactly does UWB try to solve.

How Do I Design Wi-Fi for a Building I don’t Have Access To?

Do a predictive because you don't have access to the building yet. And a lot of times we don't have access to a building we can just get a floor plans and we don't know what the building materials can be made of. So we're gonna have to make some educated guesses.

How to use ScreenFlow to make YouTube Videos

ScreenFlow has become a favorite tool at Wireless LAN Professionals to help us create our daily posts. Here's a quick tutorial showing you how it's done so you can create your own YouTube tutorials, demos, or explainer videos for your customers, peers, or to build...

More Details on our Recent AP and Client Testing with Ferney

We are finally doing the field test. In today's video, we're doing client testing Jordan High School in Utah in the United States.



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Why You Shouldn’t Hang APs on the Wall Like a Clock

There are some good reasons why your AP needs to hang on the ceiling, not the wall  Wi-Fi is so resilient even when you don't follow best practices it still works - BUT you are paying a price when you hang APs incorrectly. Let's look at why. Transcripts Don't hang...

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Lights, Camera, Action

You've heard this before, lights, camera, action. . . and I think we all should add a little bit about sound in there as well. In today's video, I'm going to give you some tips and hints on how to look better on Zoom.

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