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The Packet Potato is a packet analyzer! Or... is it a spectrum analyzer?
It's a bit hard to tell which it is, but either way, it's probably the worst one of those two things, ever.

The Packet Potato is a wearable electronic badge that uses an ESP8266 to listen for 802.11 frames on a specific channel. The channel is changeable at any time by pressing the "+" and "-" buttons on either side of the 14-segment display. When the Packet Potato hears an OFDM frame, it blinks the "OFDM" shape. If it hears a DSSS frame, it blinks the "DSSS" shape. It also has "MGMT", "CTRL", and "DATA" LED's that blink the frame type, each time a frame is heard.

You can see why it's difficult to tell whether it's a packet analyzer or a spectrum analyzer!

The Packet Potato is powered by a 3.7v LiPo battery and uses an external Adafruit MicroLiPo charger, both of which are included in the kit.

*DIY Kit Details*

The DIY kit includes all of the parts that you need to build the Packet Potato. While some soldering experience is recommended, it is designed to be easy-to-solder, with all through-hole components. A few tools are recommended, such as a good soldering iron, a circuit board holder, and flush cutters. If you'd like some recommendations for tools, you can find some in the build instructions below.

The ESP8266 microcontroller is housed on a WeMos D1 Mini, which plugs into the back of the Packet Potato, and has a MicroUSB port for programming. All instructions, including how to write firmware to the Packet Potato, are
included in the build instructions below.

- Complete Packet Potato kit
- 500 mAh LiPo battery
- Adafruit MicroLiPo charger


You can find the build instructions, firmware, and recommendations for soldering tools on the PotatoFi Packet Potato page

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