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Thanks to our good friends over at Wi-Fi Stand for creating this WirelessLAN Professionals Edition of the super-popular Wi-Fi Stand. Get a hold of a great tool while representing the community.

Read the full description and history of the Wi-Fi stand on their website HERE

Built with direct input from the Wi-Fi users community, the Wi-Fi Version 2 Bracket features a swiveling top bar to assist with portability, durability, and flexibility! Also new is an additional thickness to the bracket to support upcoming equipment weights!

With a full 360-degree rotating beam, reinforced by dual steel studs, you can quickly transport your bracket and attached wireless device without ever having to remove the rail mounts! In addition to the ease of use, the swiveling beam allows for more flexibility of the bracket when a device is attached, providing less of a burden on the standard 1/4-20 mount!

Featuring a standard rail mimicking a drop ceiling T-Rail, the Wi-Fi Stand Version 2 Bracket is a quick and easy way to mount Wi-Fi access points where you need them when you need them. Made of industrial-strength PVC, machined aluminum connection points, and finished off with all contoured and beveled edges, the ultra-light and easily transportable bracket can go with you wherever you need it!

Version 2 Bracket Dimensions:OD 8"  x 12" (H x L)  ID 6" x 9" (H x L)

Please note: Stand is not included with purchase, this is for the bracket only.

Each bracket attaches to a universal 1/4 20 threaded screw found on most tripods and stands. Please see our store for recommended stands to attach the bracket to.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 4 × 2.5 in


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