Q&A | “Clarity on your recent AP experiment, please”

In our first installment of the Q&A – Keith answers someone who is a little fuzzy on the details of his recent AP experiment.


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In today’s short training video

we’re just going to answer some of the questions

that have come in from the YouTube channel

and also on our website

So from the presentation on

do Wi-Fi clients really matter

I was asked

I’m a little fuzzy on the details around

the four AP aggregate

for different APs

and the results were an average

of each client tested at the same distance

for each AP

OK let’s explain how we had it set up

we had

for the survey testing

we had more than four APs

for the throughput testing

we left only 4 APs on

a Mist 41 at high power

a Mist 10 dB hotter

a Mist 41 at 16 dBm

a Mist 43 Wi-Fi 6 at 16 dBm

and a cambium 8×8 Wi-Fi 6 also at 16 dBm

so we have all of the same transmit power

except for the third one

to see if we could tell much difference and

actually not very much difference at all

and then for looking at the client side

we aggregated all of the iPhone data across all four APs

obviously on some APs they are faster than other APs

but the question wasn’t about which AP

was fast with which client

it was comparing

client to client to client

so in that case

we aggregated all of the throughput tests

from an iPhone at each distance

against all four access points

the access points weren’t all WiFi 6

two of them were

the 43 and the cambium

the 43 Mist

the difference between those two

was 4 spatial streams on the Mist

versus 8 spatial streams on the cambium

and we saw some substantial differences there

and that’s in another separate video

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