Silicon Valley Lingo vs Georgia Slang

I’ve been following Devin Akin’s Twitter posts – he’s started a little collection of word definitions. Comparing what is said in Silicon Valley versus what is used in his native Georgia slang.

Some are pretty funny. Thanks Devin for allowing me to cross post these on this blog!

Silicon Valley Lingo –> Georgia Slang

Set expectations properly –> Don’t make stuff up

Take his temperature –> See if he bit

Rock Star –> Work Ethic

Reaching –> Probably won’t work

Win-Win –> Everybody’s gittin’ somethin’

Chunky deal –> A big, fat deal

Clunky –> Crappy, Ugly, or Just Dumb

Kludgey –> Screwed up (or FUBAR)

Streamline –> Shape up or ship out

Tighten up –> Get your ducks in a row

Bubble up –> Hit my radar

The operational analysis shows… –> See, what had happened was…

Hitting a roadblock –> Gumming up the works

High burn rate  –> blowin’ through all your cash

Non-starter –> That dog won’t hunt

Sentences ending in “…my friend” –> somebody isn’t happy with you about something