“The value of a good flashlight can’t be overstated. That is all.”

This quote came from a tweet from @bionicrocky – and made me think of the flashlight I always have nearby.

Years ago, I was teaching a class in Seattle, and we had the need for a flashlight… one of the students whipped out his SureFire Executive Defender… I was very impressed. Never one to have a Leatherman or Maglight strapped to my belt… I did think for a moment how it would come in very handy at times.

Since I fly a lot, I can’t quite get a Leatherman through TSA scrutiny… but I *can* always have a flashlight with me.

Ever since that day in Seattle, I’ve carried a Surefire Executive Defender with me. Not your cheapest flashlight… but it is *amazingly bright* – so much so I have to carry a ‘diffuser’ to tone down the amount of light.

These lights do such a good job that I got them as gifts for my family the next Christmas.

Thinking of always having the proper tools nearby…

Always have pen and paper with you

I was taught by my father – and hopefully I’ll pass it on to all my children – to always carry a pen with you! It is a sign of maturity and preparedness!

Also, within the last couple of years I’ve also started to carry 3×5 cards in my pocket. These have also been invaluable at times. Someplace to write little notes, take information down, jot down a phone number or address.

Even in the age of iPhones – an index card in your pocket can be a great thing.

Always have a Pen and Paper with you!