Truly Amazing Portable Speaker

A while back I saw a little ‘bit’ on the Internet about this speaker that worked on any surface. I’m a ‘gadget’ kind of guy – so I purchased one.

This thing is AWESOME! – I’ve had lots of little speakers I take with me on the road to listen to music from my iPhone or laptop, or even sometimes watch a movie in the hotel room. I’ve reverted to using my ‘Beats’ noise-canceling headphones to get sound I liked to listen to.

Then came along the K-Box from – this thing is amazing. It has over a 20-hour internal rechargeable battery – that charges off a USB port (like all my other portable devices) – and turns on/off by simply plugging in a headphone cable into the device. (simple elegant solution) And it is smaller than a blackboard eraser.

When you hold the little speaker thing in your hand it sounds very ‘tinny’ and weak. But place it on a flat surface and the internal ‘guts’ work with a gel pad on the bottom to produce astonishing bass. So much I had to change my iPhone equalizer settings because it was too ‘bassy’.

This thing can rumble a room! I was watching the last couple of episodes of ‘Winds of War‘ – and the Pearl Harbor scene made me turn down the volume. That *never* happens with other small portable speakers – they just don’t have anything at the bottom end. This little guy, however, ROCKS!

I can wholeheartedly recommend this speaker for anyone who travels (it comes with it’s own little travel case) it doesn’t weigh much, is easy to use and recharge and best of all – sounds great!
Specs below:

Plug it into your laptop, phone, mp3 or portable gaming device and experience it turn surfaces into sound!
Using patented ‘gel-audio’ technology when placed upon any solid flat surface, a wall, table or even windows, the K-box turns the surface into sound with a truly incredible bass response!
  • High Quality Audio
  • Full Bass response 40-20KHz
  • Compact and Portable
  • Up to 20 hours battery life
    (recharge via USB)