Ultimate Traveling Speaker

Being ‘traveling man’ for many years now. I’ve enjoyed having music playing in the background while I work or read in a hotel room. (I’ve also been known to watch a movie or two on my laptop) — So I try and bring along small speakers. Nothing too large or heavy, because it gets added to my backpack.

I’ve tried little speakers that attach to the side of your laptop, speakers that have their own internal batteries, those that recharge off of USB power, speakers with little ‘pop’ out bass enhancers, ball speakers, brick speakers, foil speakers… well you get the idea. I’ve even tried a fairly heavy little brick shaped speaker from k-box that made the entire desk into a large bass’y sound producer.

But I’ve finally found the ultimate speaker for me. Aaaaah. Speaker bliss.
It is small, charges from USB, connects to computer or iPhone, sounds good with movies, sounds good with both classical music, and has enough thump to not embarrass the Hip Hop sounds.

I’ve started to carry with me the TuneBug Vibe.

It’s not really inexpensive… but it does make up for the cost in the sound quality and workmanship. (It has a nice solid feel and heft to it, without feeling too heavy to carry with you) Though it is like the k-box in making sounds via some other conductor, the sound is far superior.

It works best on something a little lighter-weight than a desk. I’ve successfully used it just sitting on the wrist-rest of my laptop, or on my Dr. Dre Beats headphone case, or even on a small snack box. The sound is crisp, clear, and has enough bass to be just right. It even comes with a little box – just put it on the box and you have great sound. But I’ve found I an always find something in the hotel room to use as the resonance chamber.

I can strongly recommend this speaker to be included in your travel kit!