Why Lee Badman’s website is a must read with Glenn Cate

Lee Badman’s “Wi-Fi Question of the Day” has been a great resource and in this review, Glenn Cate gives us more reason to follow Lee and why his website is a must-read for every Wi-Fi Professional.

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Matthew Casteel:
Glenn Cate, welcome to the show. What Wi-Fi blog review do you have for us this time?

Glenn Cate:
Hey, Matthew! I’m doing great and thanks for the welcome. We’re going to review Lee Badman blog (wirednot.wordpress.com).

Lee’s a WLAN architect who works at a large University in upstate New York. He also blogs for network computing and IT toolbox. He is CWNE#200 and his Twitter handle is @wirednot.

Some of you may have heard Lee as a presenter at the depth of different WLAN conferences. He’s spoken at WLPC 2016 and 2017 and one thing about Lee is he doesn’t beat around the bush. He tells you what he thinks about things and whether he likes it and what he doesn’t like about it.

I like his website page. I’m a ham radio operator so I love antennas and he’s got a picture of a radio tower and Florida Prince Haiti where he did some work a few years ago. Wirednot gives us honest and forthright opinions of products and services with his usual twisted humor and sarcasm.

Wirednot gives us an honest and forthright opinion of products and services and usual twisted humor and sarcasm.

His latest blog for example where he says, “will reliability be prioritized before Wi-Fi’s whiz-bang future gets here?” Anyone can discuss the ongoing technologies with Software-Defined Networking in the Wi-Fi space, but he says “Wi-Fi vendors need to fix this stuff now.” Lee aptly puts that a house that is built on sand cannot stand. So, good point on that!

Anyway, he’s a great speaker, writer and I really like the stuff on his website because he just gives honest and open feedback about the technology.

He also quotes complaints about some Wi-Fi or technology that does not work well in an honest and straight forward way. So, I love his Wi-Fi blog. He just had a recent blog on WLAN controller upgrades and bugs that they don’t always fix and that vendors need to work on that. Lee’s website is a must-read.

Matthew Casteel:
That’s great! Anything else we don’t want to miss on the site?

Glenn Cate:
Lee really gives back to the WLAN community and he does this a couple of different ways on his website. He’s got a #WiFiQ on Twitter where he put out aWi-Fi question of the day.

Lee really gives back to the WLAN community and he does this a couple of different ways on his website.

So, you need to follow him on Twitter to get his Wi-Fi question of the day. It’ll be something simple like what kind of data rates you send to or what type of vendor APs you use? They are more detailed and it’s always great and refreshing to look at.

He has a little snippet on his website for his “Wi-Fi Question of the Day”. Follow Lee on Twitter @wirednot and check out #WiFiQ to give you some information.

Why Lee Badman’s website is a must read with Glenn Cate

There’s also the comic side of Lee. He got a tab on his website called OH MYSTICAL FI. They are short little silly cartoon strips about someone talking to mystical Wi-Fi and you’ll just enjoy looking at these. Sometimes just we need a little laughter on a day especially when our code upgrades don’t always go right.

Glenn Cate understands the detail and complexity of WLAN design and thus, has achieved CWNE #181, Ekahau ECSE #605 and other IT certifications from Cisco, Microsoft, CompTIA, Lenovo and Stanley HealthCare. You can connect with Glenn via Twitter.

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