Wireless LAN Analysis Virtual Machine

Based on some of my experiences at the Sharkfest conference last week. I decided to start working on a new little ‘side project’ – getting a Virtual Machine developed for simpler Wireless LAN Analysis. The idea is to get a Virtual Machine that can easily be moved to different platforms, Mac, PC, Linux laptops that can perform Wireless LAN Analysis consistently across platforms. In order to do this… and since VMs can’t have access to the PCMCIA hardware directly… I will have to use all USB-based devices. I’ve already configured one to work with Metageek’s WiSpy spectrum analyzer, Wireshark’s AirPcap (with three working together to cover channels 1, 6, and 11) Now on to work on getting AirMagnet’s one supported USB device to work as well.

Any feedback or ideas you’d like to see in a Wireless Analysis ‘Toolkit’ would be helpful.