Wireless LAN Professionals Update

This week marks a year since I’ve been posting and blogging on the Wireless LAN Professionals website.

In the past year we’ve had the following successes:

  • A total of 41 Podcast Episodes
  • A total of 42,239 downloads of those episodes
  • Slightly more than 1,000 downloads per episode
  • The most popular episode had over 3,100 downloads
  • The least popular episode had only 500 downloads
  • 60% of the downloads are from the US
  • With the other leading countries (in order): China, Canada, UK, Australia, German, India, New Zealand
  • People have downloaded the podcast to over 100 countries
  • The Wireless LAN Professionals website gets an average of 100 hits per day normally, but bumps up to an average of 200 on Wednesdays (the day the Podcasts are released)
  • The WLP website has received 65,000 hits his year and over 20,000 downloads of white papers
  • My twitter account http://twitter.com/keithrparsons currently has 943 followers and over 5,000 posts

I am posting these statistics for two reasons. The first is to give me some incentive to get back up on that horse and start regular weekly podcasts again. I’ve been a bit lax lately, and I needed some incentive to get back in the groove of weekly podcasting. Realizing there is a fairly decent sized audience will do that for a guy.

The second reason, and probably more important to the readers of this blog. You have a community!

There is a thriving community of people who are interested in the career choice of being a Wireless LAN Professional. Well over 1,000 people that I can track put themselves in this category. So get involved! Follow along on the twitter streams, follow the other like-minded individual’s fantastic blogs, post comments and perhaps even start your own blogs on the subject. (see the website’s resources tab for more places to get involved)

I’m a firm believer that:

Knowledge is like manure, if you spread it around, it will help things to grow. If you try to hold it yourself, you’ll just start to stink.

So please get involved in this community. Start following others on twitter, share your information, post your posts, and just get involved.

Keith Parsons – February 2nd, 2011