Wireless LAN Twitter Follow Lists

For any of you who aren’t yet involved in Twitter, I’d highly recommend it. There is a great bunch of folks involved in Wireless LANs who chat, communicate, share information, and give/receive quick answers via Twitter.

When I started with Twitter years ago, I was less than impressed. A bunch of people talke about what they ate for breakfast, and I only used the Twitter Website. Then later after someone suggested I start using a Twitter Client (Like Tweetdeck, HootSuite or Tweetie) – I finally found I really enjoyed the friendships and camaraderie found between folks with like-interests. The clients allow you to have much better control and access to your twitter feed.

You can even start using #hashtags and @replies to communicate and search for information pertaining to your own specific interests. (This isn’t going to be a tutorial on Twitter – just ‘Google’ it and you’ll find lots) Just understand – twitter can be much much more than status updates – it can be a place for knowledge, learning, entertainment, and friendship!

I’ve put a page together with the Twitter folks I follow (not all are Wi-Fi Folks – but most are)

The CWNP Program also has built some lists specifically for CWNTs, CWNEs, and WiFi Vendors.

If you’d like to be added to the Twitter Follow List – or have any suggestion, please send your information to feedback@wirelesslanprofessionals.com.