Words of Advice | WLPC Wireless LAN Weekly EP 18

Lately, I’ve had many inquiries from clients and students about how to best prepare to work in our Wireless LAN industry. Many of these have been one-on-one conversations, and I’ve felt myself repeating the same advice. So this week’s Wireless LAN Weekly Episode will be a new style. Just me offering some advice on working in our industry.

This is a new style and format, I encourage your feedback and comments.

The 3×5 Card
4 years of undergraduate university education with a major in Business Finance on a single card.

After university, I went and worked for many years, then returned to another two years of business school working on a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) degree… I added some more to to back of the card.

Ten years of working with Wireless LANs leads now onto the index card for Wireless LAN Professionals.

These are not meant to be cryptic, it’s just I’ve found short little notes like this kind remind me of much larger concepts. By the way — these are in no particular order, other than the order these ideas popped in my mind.

Lets go over each of these items one at a time, and discuss the reasons for each short note.

Below are some links to sites that might be helpful in your path to becoming a Wireless LAN Professional.

I’ve also posted links on the Wireless LAN Professionals web site with Twitter, Blogs, White Papers, etc. that also have much more information for you on your journey.

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