Scalable VoIP Mobility Integration and Deployment | WLPC Wireless LAN Weekly EP 26

Looking at my bookshelf in my office I have over four shelves full of books on Wireless LAN technologies. I’m sure many of you do as well. It’s a big part of how we learn about the thing we deal with day in/day out.

Lately someone recommended I check out a book with a very long name, Scalable VoIP Mobility – Integration and Deployment. Now that’s a mouthful…

But when I heard the author was Joseph Epstein of Meru Networks fame, I thought this might be a good read. I was not disappointed!

I’ve been teaching folks around the globe on how to best design their Wireless LANs for a VoIP deployment, as well as teaching people to use AirMagnet’s VoFi Analyzer. Either of these tasks requires a very large baseline of knowledge.

You’ve got to know and understand:

  • Network Components – switches, hubs, routers
  • Networking Protocols – TCP, UDP, IP, MAC, etc.
  • Voice Technology – Analog vs Digital, PSTN, CO, CPE, etc.
  • VoIP Fundamentals – Codecs, MOS, Jitter, Latency, etc.
  • Wireless LAN Fundamentals – Contention Domain, RF characteristics, 802.11 Protocols, roaming, etc.
  • Network Security – Authentication, Encryption, etc.

All of those technologies, and then learn to synthesize those together into a cohesive bit of knowledge to apply on your Voice over WiFi network. Whew!

Well Joe does a great job in covering all of those items in great detail in his book!

This week we are pleased to have Joe Epstein in an interview to help explain in person some of the concepts covered by his book.

I’ve read just about every book on the market that has anything to do with Wireless LANs – and this one shines as a beacon of knowledge, lighting the way for further, in-depth understanding of not only the Voice over IP issues, but more importantly how 802.11 works, and how mixing the two effects each other.

Highly recommended!

You can get your copy on Amazon

The book contains many tables and charts just loaded with researched details any Wireless LAN Professional needs to have at their fingertips. We even found out in the call that Joe developed all the book’s graphics himself.

Here are a couple of those graphics – they can really help to understand some fairly

complex topics.

If you want to learn about 802.11, or VoIP, or WiFi Security – you can’t go wrong with this book. I personally went the the Kindle version so I can have it on my iPad as a technical reference with me always available.

Thanks again to Joe Epstein for not only writing this book filled with knowledge we all need, but also for sharing his time on this podcast episode!

You can find Joe and his work at MeruNetworks

Last Minute ApologyDue to a technical problem in the recording. The interview with Joe Epstein will be postponed until a future episode. This is a big ‘Doh’! on my part. I connected up some of the recording equipment incorrectly and the resulting audio was un-fit for publishing. My apologies!

Thanks for listening.

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