Aerohive Client Health & Teacherview | WLPC Wireless LAN Weekly EP 28

This episode invites back Adam Conway of Aerohive networks to talk about their latest software upgrade. I asked Adam on the Wireless LAN Weekly Podcast specifically to talk about ‘Client Health Score’ as part of the 3.5 code release.

If you have 19 clients for every Access Point, the clients are 95% of all the wireless in your environment. Even if you have a very dense AP deployment and have only 9 clients for every Access Point, you still have the STA’s or client wireless as 90% of your wireless network. Clients are terribly important when it comes to maintaining a healthy, working Wireless LAN.

Adam will talk to use about this new type of technology, and how it can effect your Wireless LAN. Listen in, and enjoy!

Download the Solution Brief Understanding the Concept of Client Health Score

Watch the Video Understanding the Concept of Client Health

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