High-Capacity Wi-Fi / Delivering Better Service | WLPC Wireless LAN Weekly EP 4

We’re back again for the fourth week – this time starting off with a technical discussion around High-Capacity Wi-Fi with Jon Freeman from Xirrus, and then the Soft-Skills segment with an old friend of mine, Ed Schlichtenmyer on how to Delivery Better Service.

Jon Freeman is an Area Vice President and Technologist with Xirrus. His presentation refers to the following graphics in discussing how we can better design and use Wi-Fi in high capacity situations.

Jon can be reached the following ways:
e-mail – jon DOT freeman AT xirrus DOT com
Twitter – http://twitter.com/@Wi_FiMAN
LinkedIn – http://www.linkedin.com/in/jondfreeman
(personal – just request to link by having listened to this interview)
Website – www.xirrus.com
Xirrus_Product Brief_Array Architecture

Cellular vs Wi-Fi Array Architecture



Delivering Better Service

Our second segment is from Ed Schlichtenmyer a consultant with Impact Weather. Ed brings to the table years of being one of the best professionals in our craft. I’m proud to call Ed my friend, and glad he can share some of his insights concerning our IT professionals can better interact with their clients to provide higher quality service.

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