181 | Panos Vouzis of NetBeez

In this episode of the Wireless LAN Professionals podcast, we welcomed Panos Vouzis the Co-founder & COO NetBeez

Panos holds an MS in computer engineering and informatics from the University of Patras in Greece, as well as a PhD from Lehigh University. He holds a patent in Greece as well as one in the United States. Panos developed parallel computing algorithms at Carnegie Mellon University before co-founding NetBeez. He is in charge of operations and developing the perfect “Beez.”

First, kudos to Panos for his series of blog posts on Linux. This is a great resource we highly recommend Wireless LAN Professionals get their hands on. You can check out the whole series HERE.

You can learn more about NetBeez at www.netbeez.net

A recommended article you should check out: How to Install the NetBeez Docker Agent on a MacBook

You can connect with NetBeez at booth 3432 at CiscoLive this year.

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