3 Bonus Tips for WLAN Design

Want better WLAN Design?

In today’s video, Keith shares 3 “Bonus Tips” for WLAN Design.

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All problems will look like a wireless problem

the minute you fire up the access point

So do whatever you can

to make sure the wired

infrastructure is working

before you put

that last component of the access point in place

because as soon as you put the access point

on the network

it becomes a wireless problem

and we know most problems aren’t wireless problems

so why would you make it even worse

so I like to have in our installs we build

from the core out to the edge

rather than reverse

because if you put the AP up first and then

you pull the cable and then you configure

the switch and then you can trigger the router

and then you get back to the controller

there’s a lot of things that could go wrong

I would rather have all

everything except for

the wireless working and tested

before we get there

another quick tip

we can’t do everything

this is Wireless LAN Design tips

so anything that doesn’t have to do with that

delegate it out somewhere else

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