Advanced Wi-Fi Security BootCamp (Real-World Defense Against the Dark Arts)

Phil Morgan

For several years we have offered “An introduction to hacking/pentesting BootCamp”.

This year, we are getting serious.

This BootCamp will comprehensively teach advanced Wi-Fi security principles, and how to defeat them. As my sensei/sifu once said, “You have to know how to punch, so you can better block”.

You will learn advanced concepts of Wi-Fi security and the latest attacks and defenses.


You will attack WPA1/2/3 Personal and Enterprise (yep, I said Enterprise – and you thought you were safe!)

Advanced attacks will include: attacking Wi-Fi network weaknesses within PMKID’s and Fast Roaming, EAP (with certificates), and WPA3 (and you still thought you were safe?)

Come to the dark side for 3 days. Once you have touched the darkness, you will be better able to stay in the light.


We will get real deep and real serious VERY quickly. We strongly recommend you to have attended the previous WLPC Hacking Wi-Fi BootCamp or Deep Dive, as a minimum. Additionally, S+, CEH, or Cisco security experience will be of great benefit.

What’s Included:

(some parts may be swapped out for similar ones – based on availability)

  • Raspberry Pi-400
  • Monitor
  • Yellow Router
  • 2xUSB Wi-Fi by Panda
  • 2xUSB BlueTooth Adapter CSR 4.0
  • USB2hub
  • SparkFun ESP32 Dev Board
  • Ethernet 0.5 Ft cable
  • USB cable standard USB to micro USB