Advanced Wi-Fi Security Deep Dive (Real-World Defense Against the Dark Arts)

Phil Morgan

For several years we have offered “An introduction to hacking/pentesting Deep Dive”.

This year, we are getting serious.

This Deep Dive will cover advanced Wi-Fi security principles, at a high level, and how to defeat them.

We will discuss advanced concepts of Wi-Fi security and the latest attacks and defenses.


You will attack WPA1/2/3 Personal and Enterprise, and will be introduced to advanced attacks which will include: attacking Wi-Fi network weaknesses within PMKID’s and Fast Roaming, EAP (with certificates), and WPA3.

Experience the dark side for a little while. Once you have touched the darkness, you will be better able to stay in the light.

***Warning***: We will get real deep and real serious VERY quickly. We strongly recommend you to have attended the previous WLPC Hacking Wi-Fi BootCamp or Deep Dive, as a minimum. Additionally, S+, CEH, or Cisco security experience will be of great benefit.

What’s Included:

(some parts may be swapped out for similar ones – based on availability)

  • Raspberry Pi-400
  • Monitor
  • Yellow Router
  • 2xUSB Wi-Fi by Panda
  • 2xUSB BlueTooth Adapter CSR 4.0
  • USB2hub
  • SparkFun ESP32 Dev Board
  • Ethernet 0.5 Ft cable
  • USB cable standard USB to micro USB