AirCheck Data Review from WLPC

Here is the information gleaned that can happen when we combine data from many users each sharing small sets of data about a particular location.

This effort was part of a community data collection process at the latest #WLPC in Phoenix last month.

Here are some of the high-level stats we’ve received so far from over 1,800 sample collections:

AVG Channel Utilization

AirCheck Data Review from WLPC

Percentage of Samples

Feel free to play around with the data we’ve collected already.

This current set of data is a great start… but more would be better.

Would you be willing to share a request for more data collections from your various constituencies? This is a community effort, and the more folks we get involved, the more data we will all have to share together.

All we are asking is for folks with an AirCheck to take a couple of minutes wherever they might be and do a quick capture of the air… then forward the data on to be included with everyone else’s data. Perhaps a blog post, or Twitter message, or post on your forums or email newsletters… 

How to Contribute

More project details along with the process to gather data can be found here:!/vizhome/WLPC_AirCheck_Results/TheProject

Here Is How To Contribute:
Using a Fluke AirCheck G1 or a NetScout AirCheck G2
•Turn on your AirCheck at a test location.
•Select AutoTest from the main screen.
•Once AutoTest completes, save the log file.
•Name the log file using this naming convention:
•Naming the log file in a standard format, example: SLC_EDU_1, SLC_EDU_2, etc.
-First 3 characters use the closest airport code (e.g. SLC for Salt Lake City)
-Next 3 characters the type of location, select from the following: EDU for Education and schools
-HOT for Hotels, guest rooms, hallways, lobbies, etc.
-HOS for Hospitals and medical environments
-PUB for Public / Outdoor area
-TRA for Transportation Hubs (Airport, Train Station, etc.)
-RET for retail environments (e.g. Coffee shops, malls, etc.)
-LPV for Stadiums, Arenas, Churches and similar venues (Large Permanent Venues)
-ENT for Enterprise Environments
-GOV for Government Buildings, Emergency communications, emergency response
-IND for Industrial environments (Mining, Port Operations, warehouses, etc.)
-SMB for small and medium businesses
-OTH for anything else
-Ending in a unique sample number (e.g. 1, 2, 3) Export your logs from the AirCheck once complete. Zip as many as you have collected into a file with the version of the AirCheck in the name (G1 or G2) and upload to the Wireless LAN Professionals with this link: