AirStash – A solution for a problem

I’ve been sharing programs, files, PDFs, etc. in the classroom for a very long time. It started out small, with just a Floppy Disk, then we graduated to CD-ROMs, then DVDs weren’t big enough. Now I share 8GB USB sticks with the students so they can have access to all the ‘cool stuff’ I’ve been collecting.

But many times their Anti-Virus ‘screams’ at the ‘Hacking Tools’ (like the ping-sweeper AngryIP) included in the set. Sometimes these student’s machines even delete files from my USB sticks and so the next student doesn’t get all the files.

Enter AirStash. I heard about this a while back and have been patiently waiting for an ‘official’ announcement. Well today it was official. And so I purchased one as soon as it was available.

This small device forms a little mobile ‘HotSpot’ and shares whatever is on the inserted SD card via Wi-Fi. Way cool.

It can work with your iPhone, Mac, or PC — to share media files, music, or data files — easily, simply, and without wires or plugging anything together.

I’ll give a full review as soon as mine arrives. waiting… waiting… waiting… when is that UPS guy going to arrive? 😉