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Badger Fi is a good source if you want to know more about Single-channel architecture.

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Glenn Cate, welcome to the show! What Wi-Fi blog review do you have for us this time?

Glenn Cate:
Hey, Matthew! thank you so much! We will be reviewing Badger Fi ( with Mitch Dickey. His main page has this strange, but well-dressed animal holding a strange-looking device.

Mitch is a great wireless engineer, works at a large school system in Virginia and he’s got some Cisco certifications and he’s also working on his CWNE certification. He’s a Ham Radio operator and I love his vanity callsign – W4LAN (Whiskey for Local Area Network).

He’s also been a presenter at conferences. They just recently presented at the WLPC 2017 Conference in Phoenix. Mitch’s website is neat. It’s a dumping ground of all kinds of wireless testing and experiences that he’s had.

His website is very easy to navigate and he’s done some testing with metageek and Cisco CleanAir. He’s done a review of 802.11r, NetBeez monitoring network and has recapped attendances at Cisco live and WLPC 2017. is very easy to navigate.

Anything else we don’t want to miss on the site?

Glenn Cate:
Well, you would think Mitch as the SCA guy. Single-channel architecture as many of you know is kind of opposed to what a lot of us installed in our networks, which is Multiple-channel architecture.

Single-channel architecture is good to know about and Mitch knows a lot about it. Most of us know that Meru Networks, which is now owned by Fortinet is probably the biggest leading vendor who does SCA technology.

Single-channel architecture is good to know about and Mitch knows a lot about it.

Mitch uses that in the school district where he works and he says SCA works very well. He did a presentation on that at WLPC.

He also embeds some videos of Dr. Bharghavan who is the founder of Meru Networks and he details how SCA works. If you are taking CWNA or any other exams, I know you’re gonna be going over Single-channel architecture and contrast it with Multiple-channel architecture.

So, you may want to check out Mitch’s website. He describes SCA well and if you have any questions, I’m sure you can drop Mitch a comment or DM him up on Twitter. He’d be more than happy to answer any questions you have.

You can follow Mitch on his twitter handle @Badger_Fi.

Thanks again, Glenn and we can follow you on twitter @grCate. I guess until next time.

Glenn Cate:
This is Glenn Cate reminding all of you WLAN Professionals out there to keep on blogging in the free world. Bye for now.

Glenn Cate understands the detail and complexity of WLAN design and thus, has achieved CWNE #181, Ekahau ECSE #605 and other IT certifications from Cisco, Microsoft, CompTIA, Lenovo and Stanley HealthCare. You can connect with Glenn via Twitter.

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