Booking Shoulder Nights For #WLPC PHX 23

So, you need to book a shoulder night (or more) for #WLPC PHX 2023.

Below is a video where I walk you through exactly how to do it using the booking tool the hotel provided for us.

Remember, you do NOT need to re-book or reserve any of the nights that are already included. These steps are just for those of you who need to book extra nights before or after the conference.

Here are the hotel nights ALREADY included with #WLPC registration.

Boot Camp + Main Conference:
  • Check In: Friday Night 3 February
  • Check Out: Thursday 9 February

Main Conference Only:
  • Check In: Monday Night 6 February
  • Check Out: Thursday 9 February

Here’s how that looks on a calendar:

Option 01: Call The Hotel

If you don’t want to mess with the online form – you can simply call the hotel directly.
Here are the instructions from the hotel

  • Book your shoulder nights by calling 1-800-Hiltons (445-8667)
  • Just mention the group code LAN or by mentioning the group Wireless LAN Professionals.
  • You can also book by calling the hotel directly at 1-602-997-2626 and being connected with reservations.

Option 02: Use the Online Form

The video below walks through the instructions.

Here is our booking link: (please don’t share)

NOTE: You will be required to book with a credit card – BUT the card will not be charged or a hold put on it at the time of the reservation. It’s just needed to hold the reservation.