Building and Automating Your Own LoRaWAN Network

Raymond Hendrix and Troy Martin


All students will go home with a LoRaWAN gateway, smart button, smart power socket, and application infrastructure to support MQTT, and data visualization allowing you to further expand your LoRaWAN research and experience. 



LoRaWAN is a wireless communication protocol designed for low-power, long-range, and low-bandwidth Internet of Things (IoT) applications. It uses a spread-spectrum radio frequency technique to enable devices to communicate over long distances with minimal power consumption.  In simple terms, LoRaWAN allows IoT devices to send and receive data over long distances using little power, which makes it well-suited for applications such as remote environmental monitoring, smart city infrastructure, and supply chain management. 

Troy Martin and Raymond Hendrix will take you on a hands-on journey to explore and experiment with LoRaWAN technologies. You will learn about tools and techniques enabling you to design and deploy a LoRaWAN Network. During this bootcamp, you will setup your own gateway, connect your own sensor(s), and build backend systems to process and automate the data.

Topic overview: 

  1. Embedded systems and IoT 
  2. RF and Modulation 
  3. The LoRa / LoRaWAN frame 
  4. The LoRaWAN® protocol 
  5. LoRaWAN networks and LoRaWAN servers 
  6. Exporting data from the LoRaWAN Server 
  7. Setting up your own LoRaWAN Server 
  8. Setting up your own IoT Platform 
  9. Designing and Validating LoRaWAN deployment 
  10. Future of LoRaWAN

Goodies you get to take home :  

(some parts are subject to change based on availability)

  • RAK Raspberry Pi 4 Kit for LoRaWAN 
  • WisNode Button 4K 
  • Milesight Smart Portable Socket 
  • Course guide and detailed lab manual