Document Everything

A friendly reminder to document everything.

In today’s little video, Keith shares another Wireless Lan design tip. If you are asked to design and deploy a WLAN you know is going to fail, document, document, document!

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yeah there’s a CYA

document everything

document for yourself

documented for the future

I really like documenting all the requirements

so when they call back three years from now and

they say this doesn’t work and you go

really it doesn’t match the

requirements we designed it for

well yeah but we got new stuff

oh so you want to change the requirements

and I love handing over to my

customers when they ask for things

like we want you to put them in the hallways

we want them below the ceiling

we want we want and we want

whatever they ask for

and if I know it’s going to make a bad design

I just happen to sign a document

yes Keith please design

me a poorly performing network

I’ve actually had people sign it

usually they get a little gun shy

and say well what do we really need to do

to fix it

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