Ekahau Now Offers 0% Financing!

Zero % Financing is now available on Ekahau Connect Bundles and Ekahau Sidekicks

On April 6th 2021, Ekahau announced a new way one can purchase their Ekahau Bundle.

This Ekahau Connect Suite includes:

  • Ekahau Sidekick hardware – for Spectrum Analysis, Survey data collection, and packet captures
  • Ekahau Pro 10.3 software – for predictive analysis and validation survey collection
  • Survey App – for iPhone and iPad – (Requires Sidekick)
  • Analyzer App – for iOS and Android (Requires Sidekick)
  • Capture – using the Ekahau Sidekick for simple packet captures
  • Ekahau Cloud – for team collaboration
  • Support – Ekahau support for three years

This is the bundle we teach in our ECSE-Design and ECSE-Advanced and ECSE-Troubleshooting courses. It contains all the parts you need for Design and Validation and Troubleshooting of your Wireless LANs.

You can still purchase this bundle the way you’ve always done it. Check, credit card, cash, or with your own lease financing.

But now there is a simple way to spread out your payments – with three equal payments. Reflecting 0% financing for this bundle.

You could pay $13,575 MSRP – or with whatever discount you can negotiate with your reseller.

Or now, if you qualify for the financing, be able to split your price into three equal payments. One due now, one a year from now, and the last two years from now.

This allows companies to save their capital expenditure from this year and spread it over the same time horizon as your three-years of supported software and hardware!

This new financing option is simply a way a customer can spread out their payments for their Ekahau Connect Suite purchase over the three years. That could make this purchase easier for some firms.

Additionally, Ekahau is also offering this same 0% financing option for those who already own a copy of Ekahau Pro and have current support contract of Ekahau Connect to add the fantastic Ekahau Sidekick to improve your accuracy of validation surveys, as well as add access to the Survey App and Analyzer App by adding the Ekahau Sidekick hardware they require.

You are still purchasing the best spectrum analyzer and validation survey data collector available in the market today… only you now have three years to pay for the Sidekick.

For those companies who have been looking for either the Ekahau Connect Suite or want to add an Ekahau Sidekick’s additional capabilities and higher accuracy to their current Ekahau Pro software… this financing option is a great alternative to spread out your payments.

You can find further information at this specific website to apply for this financing option.