Fluke Networks AirCheck Wi-Fi Tester

This week Fluke Networks announced a new hand-held Wi-Fi tester called ‘AirCheck’. I was lucky enough to have a chance to play with a pre-production model before the official launch. Might I say, “I am very impressed”!

I’ve worked with Wi-Fi analysis tools for many years now, from the old Compaq iPaq based devices, to the ‘Bug-named’ devices, and onto many laptop tools. So perhaps my experience is a little biased. But this cute little thing is amazingly fast and easy to use.

Without a single prompting from the Fluke Networks rep, I was able to start the device (wicked fast by the way) and start analyzing the local Wi-Fi environment, do some sample troubleshooting, and even do a ‘find’ on a Wi-Fi device.

The form factor of the device is easy to grasp, and the color screen very readable. But what amazed me most is the absolute speed of how fast it does it’s assigned tasks.

In no way was this device intimidating. I found the interfaces elegant, and very intuitive to use.

I’ll be doing an in-depth review of the Fluke Networks AirCheck device soon, but wanted to do a quick post to whet your appetite. You *will* be wanting one of these in your kit!

You can get the details on Fluke Networks Website.

There is a pretty good demo of the AirCheck here.