Follow Best Practices

Now how do you know what the best practices are?

In today’s training video, we’re going to talk about following best practices because if you follow them, usually, most of the time you’ll have a much more efficient Wi-Fi.

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Number four follow best practices

now how do you know it

best practices are first of all

you can go to the vendors whichever vendor

you’re beholden to

whichever one you’re installing or testing

you’re using

and they have best practice guides

now some of the best practice guides

don’t always match each other

but if you try to meet what your vendor

says to do it helps a lot

you could also learn from industry leaders

from other people who are presenting at this

conference people presenting to

WLPC conference other

vendor conferences

there’s lots of presentations you can get

we have tons of videos on the WLANPros website

now in our industry

we have a term bad phy

I don’t know if I like the term

but do your own

testing just because someone

said well the best practices

never hang in AP on the wall

like I’ve said it myself

I think it is a best practice

to never hanging AP on the wall at club

have I broken my own rule

sure there are times when you need to

break the rule for certain reasons

so don’t be afraid to break best

practice rules in fact

I encourage you to break best

practice rules as long as

you know why you’re

breaking it

just because you saw somebody post on the

Internet and there’s a close look at you can do

this with an AP

yeah Wi-Fi is so

extremely resilient that

even when you do it wrong

it still works

so just because it’s working doesn’t mean it was

the best practice to do

use your best judgment

and adapt use the

best practice until you can show that there’s

a reason you change the rule

you put in AP on the ceiling

rather than on the wall not just

because it was a best practice but because you

tested it

you chose to not put AP

in hallways not because

he told you so but because

you can see that there’s an actual

benefit to doing it

best practices are just that

the recommendations

if you follow them usually

most of the time you’ll have a much more

efficient Wi-Fi

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