Getting Higher Quality Calls Using Skype

  • Try to be in as quiet of a room as possible.
  • Use a Headset. Do NOT use the computer’s built-in Mic/Speakers
  • Position the mic to be above/below your lip level (check for no breathing sounds from mouth or nose)
  • Check in the Audio Preferences and set your mic and headphone levels to be in the green
    Not spiking to the Red, and not too quiet… just right!
  • Shut down all other application while in Skype
  • Connect to the Internet via Wired Ethernet if possible – Wireless if you can’t do wired. 5GHz 802.11a would be a better choice that 2.4GHz 802.11b or 802.11g
  • You can configure Skype to show Advanced Settings to check for VoIP details
    • Roundtrip should be under 200ms
    • BM (Bandwidth) is best >5000
    • UDP Status (both) should be Good
    • CPU should be <25% – this really helps
    • Relays should be 0
    • If it is 4 or more, you are probably behind NAT
    • You might need to assign the Skype Port to pass thru via Router Settings
    • Packet Loss – Zero is best – but try to keep this as low as possible