Good Wi-Fi Design is NOT about the GREEN

In today’s video, we are going to talk about how a good WiFi Design is NOT just about the green.

Just being green doesn’t mean it’s good. It’s about what are you actually going to achieve.

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It's not about the green

on Twitter I don't even know who they are

but there is a WiFi Hulk

and whenever someone mentions

green there's a little Twitter message for

grrrr about being the Hulk

because people say it's green

it's not about the green

I can make any WiFi look green

you just adjust the values

I can make it look purple or blue

whatever I want

just being green doesn't mean it's good

green doesn't mean good

now an example here

this is from a high school friend

did a survey in high school

we put a bunch of AP up

we did a bunch of testing in a minute to tell you

about the testing

but let's just look at these two little heat maps

the one on the left is from a Mist 43 AP

by the way both APs are at the exact same transmit power

and one of the right is a Cambium

they're both WiFi 6

the Mist one on the left happens to be a 4x4

the one on the right happens to be an 8x8

now if you looked at just the green

now again these both have the exact same scale

and they were collected with data from the

exact same survey

and you look at the cambium on the right and go

oh that's really bad

look how quiet it was

Neg 80 all the way out there at hundred meters

by the way this is on a football field

but we stopped at 10 meters

25 meters, 50 meters, 75 meters and a hundred meters

and then you compare the data

when you look at the data

the Mist ones on the left isn't green

pretty decent at ten meters

doing 120 meg data rate

good stuff

now this was a combination that

where the data came from is a combination of MacBook

Lenovo with ax chipset

a WiFi 6

iPad and a WiFi 6 iPhone

this is the average data and you can see

the one on the right

the Cambium outperformed

the one that was more green

it's not about the green

it's about what are you actually going to achieve

so strongly strongly recommend

you test what you're doing

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