How We Tested Several APs Using a High-School Football Field

Let’s test several APs.

In today’s video, we went out to a high school football field about 100 yards long with two 10 yard end zones, switched it up to meters and tested different APs.

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Yeah we wanted to do testing

testing is important

but we don’t we didn’t want to use like

really expensive exoteric kind of things

or Faraday cage in a lab

so instead we went out to a football field

we got access to a high school football field

about 100 yards long with two 10 yard end zones

but instead we switched it up to meters

and we counted out how many meters it was so we

could be more international

we set up some AP on one end

they were up about 1.4 meters high off the ground

we did surveys lots of surveys

we walked with an iPad

with an iPhone

with a GPS

with a stop and go

with a continuous mode

all sorts of things

we did a back and forth horizontally following the

lines on the field but also vertically going

north south

we did it with the device on the hip

on the head in different locations

we followed around with a drone

we got some drone pictures to show you of the site

we did a time lapse video of while we’re

there so you can see what we’re doing

the goal was to go on site and use normal

if we just took some APs that we have in our labs

normal laptops just the ones we have

and then we took a pair of different WLAN Pi

WLAN Pi is just a little handheld device

we happen to have one with us on site

and it was our local server

we put another one back at the

school district’s corporate site

so that was our remote server

and then we did different kind of testing

DNA testing local

we all kind of surveys climb up and go

directly to about Uptime

we were using a HTML5 test deck

so we weren’t doing speed testing on the Internet

we were controlling it all on our site

and you can run the same tool on your own

equipment any time you want

we wanted all of these tests to be totally

repeatable and so you can

test them yourself

so in this test we did test local

we also did test remotely so we could tell the

difference between a WAN link and a WLAN link

the examples I just showed were what’s the WLAN like

I want to know what how I’m doing from

client to AP directly to the test

I don’t care about the backhaul

now we’ve done so

we did some testing on another backhaul as well

but if all you’re trying to do is compare

AP to AP or client to client

you want to have it local there

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